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fatslob-:O said:
Aura7541 said:

Where's your claim that not a lot (you didn't say most. You said a lot) of gamers do own multiple consoles in the same generation? Multiconsole owners are the minority, but does that necessarily make them negligable? You just shot your own foot when your mouth accidentally slipped out "a lot".

So no, you've just contradicted yourself, not I. It's you that is presenting your opinions as facts, not me. The fact that you have gone extreme lengths to justify your opinion says it all. What's even worse is that after I pointed out that your argument has become unrecognizable, you have failed to straighten yourself up. I have already emphasized that I and many others don't have problems with your opinion. We had the problem with how you presented your opinion. Why are you so belligerent? For two days straight, too... o.O

And how am I pitying FlamingWeasel? Let's reread this sentence of my previous post: We didn't particularly have a problem with your opinion (except for FlamingWeasel). Now tell me where am I actually pitying him. Exactly. Nowhere! I was actually criticizing him for being too belligerent, but apparently, that flew over your head because you are also being way too bellicose.

Your reading too much into my post ... 

My point was that multiconsole owners aren't the majority. It's as simple as that so go deal with it. This whole farce just further proves that Nintendo gamers aren't mostly interested in other platforms. 

I'm not. In actuality, you are not reading carefully enough. You inadvertently contradicted yourself in a very entertaining fashion and now telling me to deal with it when I already did. The bolded is wrong, too. That's your opinion, not a fact. The only fact this that multiconsole owners aren't the majority. However, I'm a Nintendo gamer that is interested in other platforms and there are many others who are, too. Minority =/= Negligable