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fatslob-:O said:

Gee, I guess stereotypes aren't based on data then ... /sarcasm 

Most customers AREN'T multiconsole owners so Nintendo gamers having little to no interests playing games on other consoles is the actual case. Why don't you bring some evidence instead of trying to work around my argument with an anecdote ? 

FYI there's no other company like Nintendo that can be replaced and not a damn company will be able to fill the void either because Nintendo content have their own identity compared to the lifeless clones out there. 

Are you implying that I'm a PC gamer ? FWIW I wasn't hiding that fact. If I truly valued that belief of consoles only existing for exclusives then I obviously wouldn't be condemning the WII U so much but that's not the case apparently. What did all of that have to do with the original point ? 

Because anecdotes can serve as evidence. I was a Nintendo gamer first long before I began playing Playstation and still a big Nintendo fan today. However, I still have interest on playing games on other consoles, not just Playstation.

Also, your claim that most customers aren't multiconsole owners is vastly unproven and largely fabricated to fit your argument that Nintendo gamers have little to no interests playing games on other consoles. Heck, your original argument is no longer recognizable because you're trying too hard looking for a reason to validate your argument.

This is no longer up for debate. The majority of people disagree with you and Zanten, Scizor, Maciveli, michael_stutzer, I, and others have said our share of the deal. Remember this. Just because you're not impressed with the PS4's summer sales doesn't mean that they are, for a fact, unimpressive. We didn't particularly have a problem with your opinion (except for FlamingWeasel), but you were waving it around as if it's a fact.