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DerNebel said:
joshluck95 said:
NextGen_Gamer said:
Slight ahead/off topic, but I've read a few places that they expect PS4 to just narrowly outsell Xbox One in August, and then for XOne to overtake PS4 in September NDP numbers do to the week of getting a game free with it. I gotta say; I disagree, due to Destiny. With Sony being the exclusive marketing partner of Destiny, and Destiny being like the most hyped game I can think of in a long time, I actually expect a PS4 bounce-back in September and further distance itself from Xbox...

...And just for fun, I went to the GameStop midnight launch of Destiny with a friend. There was 100+ people there, more than any other midnight launch I have been to (including the Halo's, Madden's and GTA's). Out of that 100? Supposedly only 7 Xbox One owners, and another 20 Xbox 360. The rest? All PS4. Seriously, not even one PS3 owner, just PS4, with a LOT buying a PS4 alongside Destiny at midnight. I was quite shocked.

i live in the UK, went to the midnight launch at my local GAME at the local shopping centre (big) - was roughly about ... 70 people - i know the bloke who worked there wanted a raise of hand at who was buying on what console, id say about 75% xbox one and 25% ps4. no one there was 360/ps4. all the ones who was PS4 was buying the console bundle though

If that's the truth then you can consider your GAME the exception of the rule.

X1 Destiny outselling PS4 Destiny 3-1 confirmed in the UK