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DerNebel said:
czecherychestnut said

Maybe this is ioi's new tactic, delay publishing the final weeks data until NPD is released, then hastily adjust that last week so that the month stacks up, and presto, VGChartz is never wrong again! It works for Japan on a weekly scale, why not stretch it to monthly in the US?

Honestly their US sales have been right enough the last couple months that that really isn't necessary imo. I heard some people say that he's on vacation but I still don't know if that was a joke or not, he definitely hasn't been on in the last 5 days.

Its cool, I was just kidding, they have been pretty spot in the last few. We've had bigger delays before, though that was usually around christmas when I'm sure the VGC team had more important things to do (family time). 

Probably more pressing question is how long we'll have to wait until the NPD numbers start to leak out, last month took ages!