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Psychotic said:
ohmylanta1003 said:

Agreed. Skill, without a doubt improves your experience. People generally like what they're good at. This is true when talking about sports, academics, games, etc.... To say that skill doesn't improve your experience is just plain ignorant. I'm not saying that you can't like something if you're bad at it, but I am saying that you would like that certain something more if you were good at it.

1) A person who disagrees with you isn't automatically ignorant.

2) Skill doesn't improve your experience, the perception of skill does. If your enemies are weaker than you, but not significantly, you feel good. It doesn't matter if the game has to be set on "very easy" or "very hard" to ensure this.

But in my mind, that person is ignorant. That's why I said it. And you basically proved my argument. Thank you. When people evaluate their own skill or someone else's skill, they must have a reference point. Therefore, skill is always a perception and there isn't really an argument against that. By saying that the perception of skill improves your experience, you are in essence saying the exact same thing that I initially said.

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