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Michael-5 said:
Aerys said:
Michael-5 said:

Means nothing, 360 opened half as well as the original and sold 3x as much lifetime.

Yes, because it had big games, whereas the One, with no big japanese exclusive will at the best reach 300k lifetime.

Let's see if they can money hat a big japanese game, but they dont seem to care about Japan so...

How is it that Dead Rising 1 pushed 360's sales so much, but Dead Rising 3 did not?

Logic = Fail

Your logic, yes, i explain you why

Dead Rising 1 wasnt the  reason for them to take a 360 :  It's mostly because it had big exclusives coming and wasnt the only interesting game, they didnt buy 360 for Dead Rising, but they bought Dead Rising because they wanted a 360 for the games coming, for the same reason, Dead Rising 3 didnt sell good on One.

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m