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CGI-Quality said:
GamechaserBE said:
CGI-Quality said:


You  are just trying to troll right?  You always act like you know everything but then how can you not know that they only shipped 40K? so what were your expectations then that they sold 50k?

Also we had plenty of threads where people reported that nobody was waiting in line for a Xbox one and that the situation was very dramatic....We even got articles with only one guy buying a Xbox one in a store so ofcourse people expect low numbers;...Check the Xbox empire thread and you will find no one who would even predict 20K FW....  

Honestly Xbox one did a lot better than I think everyone expected, I think I had the highest predicition with 40K sold first MONTH.

If you ask me you are trying to downplay everyone because Xbox one did better than expected...  Very sad and immature for somebody who defended the 5-6K PS4 sales and called them fine because Sony did not started yet..

VGC gold right here! Yes, my intention is to "troll" while speaking about the severity of the situation there (a situation that a rocket scientist doesn't need hiring to figure out).

Even if they had sold through all 40K of that shipment, it wouldn't really change much (and you'd have to do some serious grasping to defend a 17K difference, particularly for a console launch). Also, if it had done "better than everyone expected", why are people (from all camps) shocked that it's such a low debut? Think about it.

Well first of all should excuse myself for how I behaved.

Secondly I predicted 40K in Japan for whole of the month in this thread the poll results are also a good reason to show how low people predict Xbox one doing;.

Thirdly I not based the 23K on what other consoles did in the past but on the evidence we got last days...Last week the 40K shipement for possible the first weeks (so how people can predict 64k is a mystery) + We basically got threads like 'Nobody in line for Xbox one'  'One guy picks up a Xbox one in a store' 'No Xbox one games made it in the top 20 sales' so 23K comes as a surprise after all those articles and evidence from Neogaf...