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How much will XB1 sell WW in September?

250k or less
250k - 300k
300k - 350k
350k - 400k
400k - 450k
450k - 500k

XB1 looks to have a very interesting September sales wise with new bundles, deals, game releases and country launches, so lets predict what the console will sell from 31st August - 4th October (5 weeks)

Pre September
Week ending 30th - Madden NFL 2015 with exclusive bundle inc free game


123k - Week ending 6th - Minecraft. Launch in 19 new countries: Chile, Colombia, Japan (40k shipments), Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

188k - Week ending 13th - Destiny, Gamestop deal (Buy an XB1 and get any game free)

94k - Week ending 20th - Launch in Israel

168k - Week ending 27th - Disney Infinity, Fifa 15 (with exclusive bundle in Europe with free game) Launch in 8 new countries: Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and Russia

186k - Week ending 4th - Foriza Horizon 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, China (100k shipment).

Running Total - 760k.

Dadrik 0.7 - 1m
Josiah 400k - 500k
Poklane 625k
Xevross 470k
Deadbigfoot21 500k+
Prinz_valium 555k
Ka-Pi96 1m
CGI-Quality 600k - 700k
The Golden Boy 650k
WhiteEaglePL 450k
Fluky-Nintendy 500k+
Mr.Playstation 487k
Angelv577 550k
Tak13 450k - 550k
Shikamaru317 600k
Bubblegamer 550k - 600k
Vivster 500k+
Erwin 250k -
Leadified 450k
Fleischr 400k
Anfebious 550k
Seece 500k+
Adameh 525k
GameChaserBE 500k
Celador 500k - 600k
Episteme 800k
Lordphil 575k - 700k
Recon101 487k
BHR-2 600k - 700k
Namiirie 405k
SweettoothJ 1m
2008ProChargeGT 500k - 650k
GribbleGrunger 350k
Danman27 200k - 300k
Farsala 500k+
Nobleteam360 550k - 650k
Alrightiwill 500k
Bongken 800k
FusionCode 650k
S.Peelman 441k
Alexikur 360k
AZwification 600k
Iceland 500k+
Liqourandgunfun 300k - 350k
Thismeintiel 300k - 350k
Rik 500k
GingerGaymer 400k - 450k
TreeTurtle 250k - 400k
Proclus 500k - 550k
Eva01berserk 350k - 400k
Arkaign 500k
Shogun Knight 500k - 700k


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I'd say around 0.7M-1M

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I don't think the "Expanding" is going to do much. I'm going to go with 400-500k. Microsoft will use shipped numbers, as they will flood markets again.

5 weeks right? 625k global of which 225k US (NPD)

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470k global!

I voted 350-400k in poll because I voted before you changed it to 5 weeks!

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Over 500k overall

For what they're worth will be using VGC figures.


sunday is a no sale day
u could say 1st September to 27th September


if its 5 weeks


i lost my bet with der Nebel

after 10m worldwide ps4 sales announcement at gamescom, while vgc was at 9, and the 538k npd september, there is no chance ps4 will sell less than 15m units unitl end of 2014

prinz_valium said:
sunday is a no sale day
u could say 1st September to 27th September


Shops and online sell things on sundays you know ...


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I'm thinking 1 million minimum.

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