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I have seen two,one was a 360 from a cousin,it gets RROD only two days after buying it,recently one very best friend of mine get RROD,poor fellow,he does not what he going to do in his free time meanwhile Microsoft's service repair his 360,here in Mexico it's kind slow the service,from two weeks to two months O_O

And by the way,I'm not lying when I say that I don't buy a 360 because the RRODs troubles,I'm very happy with my PS3,I don't even imagine the possibility of a malfunction with my beloved system,I got to buy a Wii,because the games that I want and the proven reliability of the Wii,I don't want to buy problems,there´re at least three games in the 360's catalog that I want (Bioshock,Gears of War 1&2 and Ninja Gaiden 2)but I prefer go to a rent store here in Mexico and rent a system for some hours to end the games(they're very popular,this kind of service replace the arcades here already)

Many people argue about the 360's long warranty,yeah.....and what the hell are going to happen later,when the support ends?do you think that the system will not RROD after three years?it will do more probably because the use by that time,and I'm going to pay from my wallet to repair something that I already know that it can broke?No thanks,Microsoft shoot himself in the feet,they got a great opportunity with the huge and quality of their game catalog,but they screw that chance with a bad and early designed hardware.

That's one of the reasons I don't buy a 360,I'm very satisfied with the games that are incoming to my PS3,the franchises I love,and the reliability that I enjoy.