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Shadow1980 said:
This makes me feel old. Hell, I'm old enough to be these kids' father. I got an NES for a Christmas gift in 1988. I was eight years old then. Either their parents weren't gamers or they don't have any older siblings that had an NES. Several of them weren't aware of how important the NES was, and I can't believe two of them got beat by Glass Joe in Punch-Out.

I do find it funny that one of the ones that got taken out by glass joe also lost in mario and was frankly the epitome of dudebro. I noticed Outlawauron said ealier that Nintendo fans rip on casuals now. I don't believe that is the case. As far as game play skill goes I would argue that casuals > dudebros and dudebros are the new "casuals". I think Nintendo fans, at least the old school experianced ones would enjoy ripping on them since in most genres(other then maybe a selct few dudebro shooters) those Nintendo "casuals" are far better than them. Nintendo "casuals" use to get a lot of flack since for years they were percieved as the least skilled in gaming. Now with this new generation of dudebros(that talk big game and think they are great, but in reality suck most of the time as shown in the videos) have taken that spot at the bottom of the ladder. Just my opinion based on observation of the current gaming scene. 

http://www.youtube.com/v/AoOOpLpcF28 http://www.youtube.com/v/CphFZGH5030

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