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Ok, I've been rather busy with my new gig, but I LOL whenever I see someone say 'I won't buy a 360 because of RROD.' I do think it is an issue but one that isn't as bad or widespread as Sony's dirty disk read error with the last gen PS2 (and current as well).

So, here's the deal - how many gamers have actually SEEN a 360 flashing red lights - the RROD version - with their own two eyes. Doesn't matter if it was yours, a friend's or at a store. No tall tales, please - just real stories and not second-hand crap about how someone's 360 crapped out on them and you didn't see the actual console flashing lights.

For me, yeah, I had my 360 crap out, but my son was about 2-3 when he was running in my media room/home theater, tripped over a controller cord and pulled the 360 off the shelf. Within a week or two, I got it but could still play games. And it got worse so I called MS and they sent a coffin and repaired it.

Since I got my 360 fixed, it works great.

Next time, I'll likely just get it fixed and buy a 360 with HDMI outputs anyhow.