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HappySqurriel said: washimul said: good news finally for the ps3. Gundam 1st day sales stand at 120k........and around 30k hardware was sold along with it * PS3: "Gundam hit and miss" * PS3: "Gundam hit and miss with PLAYSTATION 3 (60GB)" Attention was attracted as the killer title of PS3 "Gundam hit and miss" was sold finally. Number of first shipments (17? 18 ten thousand) approximately 7 tenths The way of the favorableness which clears at first day, as the number of first day of the software for PS3 sales "バーチャファイタ- approximately 3 ten thousand of 5" Nearly 4 times it has started hitting the preponderant number which is exceeded. Seeing by comparison with all software which is sold with PS3 even when, "Ridge racer 7" (approximately 13 ten thousand), "Gundam" (approximately 12 ten thousand) it comes after We have attached to 3rd rank, at the first number of week sales the sale record for PS3 The possibility of renewing is high. In regrettable thing, the traction effect of the substance unexpected is low, It seems that the software bundled edition which コーエー is prepared the movement is not good excessively. How seeing, expensive substance bundled edition If it is "the blue dragon pack" common service price of Xbox360 Perhaps, it moved more but... Specification of bundled edition and leaving circulation to コーエー probably are the failure. The new user is taken here and it is wasted to drop. I'm not too sure if I would consider this "good news" ... The PS3 will not outsell the Wii this week and will probably return to its standard 20,000-30,000 units per week for the rest of march being that you said: washimul said: i am expecting atleast 500k on the first day of sales. Clearly ps3 domination starts March 1st, 2007 I thought you'd be disapointed with the performance
x360 wd now plummet to 1k trash can the ps3 would not dwindlw to 20k is just the MS trash box which would dwindle. bear in mind this is just the 1st day out for the full weeeek.