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Mr Puggsly said:
prayformojo said:
Hynad said:
Well, the game is also completely unplayable on the 4Gb Xbox 360. Or so I've been told.

The fact that developers even released a game that couldn't run on a certain number of consoles is beyond me and there should have been way more outrage imo. It should have been a PS4/Xbone game from the start... sales be damned.

Once again, for GTAV on the 360 you can use a USB memory stick for more storage. That's a cheap and simple solution for those who didn't get the HDD.

However, there are several games that are unplayable unless you have a HDD (Destiny for example on both PS3 and 360). Developers are clearly putting less effort in 7th gen ports.

I don't care how "easy" it is to go out to the store and make the console you bought able to play the latest games. These are CONSOLES, not PCs. The concept is suppose to be about buying a machine and then never having to worry about being able to play games for said machine again. This isn't the case with GTA5 and it's BS imo. If I wanted to be a PC gamer and deal with such headaches, I would be a PC gamer and deal with headaches.