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CGI-Quality said:
WagnerPaiva said:
CGI-Quality said:

You expect Uncharted 4 to sell less than its two latest predecessors? Why?

install base. I have 4 uncharted games in my collection, all brilliant. But that does not mean they will sell like wii sports, sometimes the worst games win. see killzone X halo.

Too many things wrong with these comparisons. Let's look at ShadowFall - it's poised to overtake KZ3 - and launched on a FAR lower userbase. No new Halo has released, so that's irrelvant. The "brilliance of Uncharted" and what's in your collection is also moot. Wii Sports - um, nobody suggested that Uncharted 4 would sell like it (not sure how such a comparison even makes sense when speaking even figuratively).

Bottom line, install bases grow with new releases, especially from acclaimed series'. Thus, saying it will sell 6 million max is low balling the game.

The thing is: I don´t really know man, i just gave my opinion.  I am no expert. heck,  I barelly can speak english. 6 million sounded good to me, but, well, the more, the merrier; 10 million, 20 million... Naughty dog sure deserves it...

I talked about my collection because I thought that you treating me like a uncharted hater or something... Clearly not the case, just see my trophy collection, it is all there.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.