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CGI-Quality said:
WagnerPaiva said:
Teeqoz said:

Huh? I said that by the end of 2014, an entire year befor UC4 launches, the PS4 would be at 17 million, while you said that the PS4 will only have 20 million sold by the time UC4 launches (late 2015). Realistically tge PS4 will be somewhere between 33 and 40 million.

Oh. then 6 million.

You expect Uncharted 4 to sell less than its two latest predecessors? Why?

install base. I have 4 uncharted games in my collection, all brilliant. But that does not mean they will sell like wii sports, sometimes the worst games win. see killzone X halo.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.