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I ask this question because of the resurgence of the Playstation brand as the market leader. I think Uncharted IV will sell over ten million lifetime & around 3 - 4 million in it's first week. Now you may label me as another Toastboy (lol) or you may say that this doesn't fit the trend of earlier Uncharted iterations but there are many things going for it: 

1. Each Uncharted grew in sales both in their first week & lifetime averages. Combine this with the fact that ND is regarded as Sony's top first party & you get all the converters jumping aboard the hype train. 

2. The PS4 has the lead this time around & it's looking like a PS2 era of dominance. 

3. Other PS4 titles such as inFamous: Second Son & Killzone Shadowfall look to be surpassing their PS3 counter - parts in lifetime sales. Why won't Uncharted follow suit? 

4. Bundles & advertisements too.

What does the VGC community think of this?