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Well guys, Sony finally gave us a milestone that we wanted.

We know have very accurated number for USA and Japan, and I assume that VGChartz has already adjusted its number from NPD´s and Famitsu´s.

VGC shows PS4 at 3,8mi in the USA in week ending July 26 and  650K for Japan. Again, I hope those numbers are adjusted.

So, we have more than 5mi units left to reach the 10mi mark. Even if Sony sold 500k units this last two weeks there is about 4,5mi units left for EU and rest of the world.

A look at VGC at 12th August shows the Wii at 10,7 mi total but only 2,8 mi for EU, USA is basicaly tied with the PS4, but Japan makes out the differece with 3,3mi for the Wii.

Do we have any explanation on why PS4 is doing so great in EU? Or I messed up and this difference cames from "rest of the world" numbers?