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MikeRox said: said:

So Fifa 14 was released on the PSP and only sold 140k, yet they didn't release it on the Wii U. I'm not sure where anyone is coming from who says that EA are not out to get Nintendo.

Actually, they reskinned and re-released FIFA 07 for the 8th time on PSP and managed to sell an epic further 160k ;)

According to Chartz, the PSP ver almost outsold the 3DS version.

However FIFA 13 according to Chartz sold  280,000 on PSP vs 170,000 on Wii U. Given that the PSP version has been dumped for FIFA 15, EA's decision not to release FIFA 14 on Wii U appears in line with their policy and they seem to be treating the consoles fairly. Really it's showing bias towards Nintendo that the 3DS is still going to get FIFA 15 this year if you are going to try and play conspiracy theories ;)

FIFA 12 sold less than 100k on PS2, yet they still released FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 for it. Your argument is invalid.