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WessleWoggle said:
Carl2291 said:
Where do you see your life in 10 Years time?

Semi-famous musician, married to my gf, more mature, stable without medication(I'm working towards that goal slowly, it's a long process)
have a religious temple built to honor the Nordic Gods and do my rituals and meditation in, hopefully looking exactly the same as I was at 17, like I have from 17-22 so far, but hopefully with more facial hair growth and bigger muscles. I will be happy, succesful,and a contributing member of the world. I will have my second to middle tooth  on the right side fixed and crowned with a golden cap that has a heart shaped ruby in it. Hopefully I'll be a little taller too.

A temple to the Nordic gods? As a Norwegian I found that highly interesting. Do you believe in the ancient northern mythology?