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NightDragon83 said:
The only reason I don't have problem with this "re-release" is that the game was released so late in the PS3's lifecycle and just before the PS4 launched. If the game had been released this year instead of in 2013 I guarantee you they would have made it cross-gen anyway like so many other early next-gen releases like Titanfall and Watch Dogs.

Rockstar are basically doing the same thing with GTAV, and alot of people are welcoming it as they wanted the game to be created for next-gen consoles in the first place.

True. There is NO problem with TLOUR on PS4. Fact is that many people did not play this game, and better yet a sequel will no doubt come to the PS4, so why not capitalize on this opportunity to introduce this game to new PS gamers to grow the already 7M+ userbase?


There is nothing that doesn't make sense or nothing dispicable about the whole situation. It is just gamers being whiny as usual.

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