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DonFerrari said:

If someone want to complain about the lack of AAA games for the first year I get it, what I don't get is how not making TLOUR would have made more games available to people. I guess I aint much clever.

And actually I remember more people complain about TLOUR than Halo MCC... didn't put the link so he don't grab more clicks.

Yeah totally spot not making TLOU it would not actually mean more PS4 games. Unfortunately it seems to be this is just a whipping horse they are using to moan... because moaning gives clicks.

I purchased it again, and i am very happy with my purchase. I am sure many people who will buy it wont have played it before, and those that have will also be happy with their purchase. I wish people would stop telling us how to spend our money. Should sony have just converted it quickly and not put effort into it, then that would have been a cash cow no doubt. They could have not released it, yeah that would have been fine, but all these new users would never get to play it.. So its a no win situation.

This year has been light on games, but from September onwards it's going to get crazy, and very few will bemoan the fact that there are few AAA games available. So we had 8-10 months of only a games, I still own over 14 boxed

The other thing that really annoys me, is that the attach rate of these next gen consoles is about 2-3 games per person at the moment, and thats considered good. There are many more than 3 games available for both platforms, perhaps if people played more than their few genres, they might find a few more games to play and the industry would be in less of a mess. :)

There will definately be more remasters, they are actually quite useful for companies to learn how to convert their gaming engines across to the new gen, so I expect more. We know GTAV is coming, will people moan about that game coming... probably not. Crazy games industry where internet rage is all the....errm rage :)

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