Diomedes1976 said: sieanr said: Diomedes1976 said: Yes ,at least they retain 6 months of exclusivity . On the other hand ,Splinter Cell Double Agent will appear in march in Playstation 3 . Some exclusivities are lost ,some are won . When was Double Agent an exclusive? I thought is was like the past games in the series and multiplatform, minus the wii. Yeah but the current gen generation and Wii iterations arent the same game that the X360 one .And as long as it wasnt announced for the PS3 (although some had seen builds so it was pretty evident sooner or later it would come out ,pretty much what it is happening with Bioshock ) then the announcement of another version in the console field (the game is also available in PC ) does mean the PS3 receives another game previously announced and that its next-gen iteration was only available in the X360 in the console field ;and exclusivity if you want .
Diomedes what are you talking about? Double Agent never was an exclusive. You can't compare games that are announced as exclusive to a platform i.e. VF5 to a game that has always been multiplatform. I could see your point if you were talking about a game like Tekken that has been pretty much solely exclusive to Sony platforms.The only exception was the GBA title. As for Bio Shock its has been announced as 360 and Windows Vista exclusive so I wouldn't count on it being on PS3. Especially considering its subpar sales. The supply has finally surpassed demand with the PS3 and its only January.