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Augen said:
Michael-5 said:

We literally are opposites, I just focus on what I want until the stuff I really really want come out.

As for what you mentioned in you really have time for all that? I'll probably pick up Tales of Xillia 2 and Zesteria, but I'm in no rush. I still haven't finished Xillia nor Graces f, so why buy the sequel?

I know I can manage completeing about 1 game per month, so your list for 2014 would take me to 2016 lol. I have to skip a lot of stuff like that.

The answer to that is I struggle with a backlog that I never let get above ten games and I often put off games for months if not years after release.  I also have had to learn many games I burn through ignoring side quests and all for.  I have finished Xillia and Grace f so no issue there actually.

I can complete some games in a day or two, like a God of War, Infamous, or Uncharted, but it is my love of RPGs that does me in as even burning through takes two-three weeks generally.  If only I didn't have my business and social life and other interests!  

It is funny, as a kid I got 1-3 new games a year and played them for 100s of hours (I must have beaten Chrono Trigger a dozen times on SNES), now I have money for all the games I could want and no time for all of them, much less to revisit games.  Not sure if that is right, but when you are financially secure with no children (yet) I guess I am not hurting anyone. Just makes me chuckle when people grumble about "No Games!" on forums when I feel buried in them at times.

I'd rather play less and enjoy what I have then burn through everything they can make. I don't know how you have the time for it though, on average I only get an 1-2 hours a day in, and yea stuff like Resident Evil are only 12 hours long so I can beat them in a week, but stuff like XenoBlade are 60+ hours long and I need 1-2 months. Even then some games like Bravely Default get very repetative, I can't add more then 5 hours a week despite it being my primary game atm.

I don't like rushing through games, so what I do is I make a note of games (like Danganroppa and Tales of Hearts R) and I get them when I have some spare time.

For me the big thing is I love 90's gaming and I was too young/impressionable to really play the better 90's games. I didn't beat Chrono Trigger until about 10 years ago, and since then I've been puting a huge focus on 90's games. I'm only just now buying a Sega Saturn, and I still have 25 or so PS1 games to beat. After that I have about 20 or so PS2 RPG's to beat and maybe 5 onthe DC. I literally have a backlog of about 200 games, but it gives me the freedom to play what I want, when I want to play it.

But everyone is different right? Kudos for having the time for all those games, I wish I had the time/energy for all that.


P.S. Hannibal is awesome.

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