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Mr Puggsly said:
OttoniBastos said:

MS never pushed X360 as much as Sony did with PS3(or maybe they couldn't because PS3 was more powerfull?) and nintendo like to hide their console's limitations with cell shading and cartoonish art design.

Halo 4 is a very impressive looking game. Especially when you consider the large enviornments to explore, lots of actioin going on at once, four player split screen, etc.

Also, Forza 4 has very sexy visuals that actually do a pretty great job maintaining 60 fps.

The only 1st party PS3 games that looked notably great were Naughty Dog games. Those are on the linear side and reliant on FMVs for cutscenes.

Sorry but almost every year sony had at least one game that was totally unbeliavable for that year's graphical standard.

2007: MGS4

2008: inFamous

2009: uncharted 2

2010: god of war 3,Gran Turismo 5

2011: Heavy rain,Uncharted 3

2013: Ascension,TLOU,Gran turismo 6,Beyond two souls