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VanceIX said:
naruball said:
VanceIX said:

None of those games have been released yet, all of those scenes are hand-picked from the studios. There is no guarantee that any of the games will look near as good.

Also, The Order and Uncharted 4 are both linear cinematic games. You would expect them to have good graphics due to the lack of objects needed to be accounted for in the game environment (and before someone starts flaming for it, even Kojima has said that open-world games are harder to optimise for graphics than linear).

Show me any game that looks like Skyrim with ENB and texture mods (it was a last-gen game too), and then I'll listen. As of now, pretty cinematic linear games do nothing for me.

I think everyone can agree with you about linear games. But whether you're interested in them or not is besides the point. What's supposed to be discussed here is whether there is something more impressive than these gifs/pictures on pc. In other words, use a gif/pic from a pc game that is linear but looks better than uncharted. Again, whether the final product will look as good as the presentation is besides the point. The OP is asking if there's something as impressive as these gifs. Therefore you can use gifs from pc games that have not been released yet.

We're not talking about overall impressive games, but specifically impresive games. Can you provide any examples of a video game character's looking more impressive than Drake's from Uncharted 4? Because I have yet to see anything more impressive than that. Again, I'm not talking about trees, but characters, especially facial features.


All of these are mods for a last-gen game that are actually working now (Lightning is an in-game mod). Uncharted 4 will almost certainly not have that level of detail during actual gameplay where things are actually happening on screen, and one hand-picked trailer isn't going to change that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that tons of trailers look impressive. Watch Dogs looked amazing in the original trailer. The end product is almost never what it is made out to be though, and you should be especially cautious when no actual gameplay is shown.

And you'd be surprised how many people believe that The Last of Us is the pinnacle of graphics optimisation, when it is a cinematic linear title. It looks great, sure, but it's to be expected when you make a condensed game with the huge budget that ND gets, especially since it was at the very end of the generations and since it was exlusive.

But it will, just wait.  They wouldn't say it will unless it will.  Hell Killzone: SF does, snf Infamous: SS DEFINATELY does.