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Puppyroach said:
Consoles as we know them will change into a streaming like service, where you have your dedicated device, but at the same time can play on other devices as well. So it all depends on what you mean by consoles.

i really curious to see what sony and ms put forth for their next gen hardware.

i agree,.. services like psnow is quite likely to be big in the future.  that means, at least as an option, a next gen console should be small and inexpensive and merely capable of downloading the psnow app and various other apps (netflix, hbo go, pandora, ect.).   if even 20% of console buyers go the streaming route the ability to put out profitable dedicated hardware is a much harder proprisition.  it also limits the psnow services best quality,.. a lack of hardware dependance that truely allows improved infrastructure on a yearly or better basis.

it will be interesting to see how the fracture in gaming is handeled.   it could be spectactular or a spectactualar failure.  so hard to tell.