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kirby007 said:

And selling +100million, this gen is gonna last so long that the consoles will be FAR behind mobile phones, making consoles lag far behind the curve.
If this gen will end up short, and the next gen actually will be on par with the technological developments, consoles might not be doomed.

Consoles are already, always have been, behind phones/PCs in raw number therms!

However, consoles are a great dedicated platform for games, so far we get different kind of games on them compared to the portable devices and the exclusives + more integrated experience compared to PCs (however if you setup a PC with Steam Big Picture Mode and a controller you are pretty close to a console with limitless power)...

What I think is needed now is console generations that are completely and truly backward compatible so that we keep our investment in the platform we picked, devs would win in this by avoiding the constant re-learning of completely new hardware and software on each release, platform owners would win with more consumer loyalty (I would gladly buy a PS4.5 that truy runs Killzone:SF or Infamous:SS at full 60fps by example, like people upgrade their PCs to run new games with ultra settings or at a better frame rate all the time).

Also allowing more apps to be made by 3rd party on the PS4 would help diversify the platform (MS seems to be a little wiser in that sense).

Does that all matter? not really, consoles are only vehicules for our games, if the better games of 2018 end up being released on the iPad and I can conveniently use a wireless controller and output on my TV I will gladly play them, and all old consoles will become collectibles, in the end they're all computers.