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kirby007 said:

And selling +100million, this gen is gonna last so long that the consoles will be FAR behind mobile phones, making consoles lag far behind the curve.
If this gen will end up short, and the next gen actually will be on par with the technological developments, consoles might not be doomed.

Your thread is doomed.  Some PS360 games are still graphically comparable with the best PC games, like Halo4, The Last of Us, etc.  It's gameplay which really matters, and graphics will be fine on PS4 and XBone for a long time, I think you didn't see the short trailer of Uncharted4.  You have no idea what PS4 like hardware in a close environment can to do when coded to the metal.  This is one of the most sad and unispired thread since a very long time. BIG FAIL.

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