The OP is solely basing itself in opinions, nothing but that. It's biased paranoia that 3rd parties are plotting against Nintendo. Nintendo is the one giving them a hard platform to work with, like the underpowered Wii and now the underpowered/odd WiiU, and selling like it is, of course 3rd parties have to move on but not because they don't want to move their games there, Ninty simply is repelling 3rd parties.

Ninty games more polished than everything else? Well, that is some bold assumption, at least nowadays, Nintendo exclusives doesn't seem to be able to compete anymore at many technical levels. Even the best looking games such as Bayo 2 and XX are very limited.

I think what Nintendo is lacking is humility (like first 2 years of ps3), they can no longer discard 3rd parties because they're getting at the same level money-wise as Nintendo as we speak (Ubi/Activision), and they don't produce consoles. Nintendo either blends in for real or goes 1st party for once and with no regrets.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...