SubiyaCryolite said:
"Nintendo makes the best games", I hear that line all the time around here (no where else I might add). Here's the highest rated games of all time, I see a lot of games that aren't made by Nintendo up there. Where does this statement come from? Does it carry any real weight, I don't think it does. Gamers have options and currently most consumers aren't choosing the WiiU so really Nintendos games aren't the gold standard as some would like to believe.
I don't understand why some Nintendo fans have this "Nintendo quality" boner as if other games break down every 5 seconds or are trash or something. People pick on titles like Battlefield 4 and UFC for proof of 3rd party "incompetence" while every other non buggy game gets ignored by the quality police. Maybe some people just have higher "standards", or perhaps they're just being pretentious. Who knows.

Your metacritic link sadly doesn't show the publisher or developer. Would be intresting to count which name appears the most. But I have another link for you:

Especially interesting are the two tables which show the top ten of all times (stand january 2014) including the publisher and the best game per year. The name Nintendo appears more often than any other publisher. And thats one of the reason, why I think that Nintendo makes the best games.