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OttoniBastos said:
Yeah another "nintendo have the best games,third parties are peasants" thread.

1# - Third parties are not biased against nintendo.They just know what everybody already knows.Nintendo consoles sells nintendo games(or at least nintendo-like games).Games like rayman and skylanders sell great because they are colorful/cartoonish platformers like some of nintendo softwares.

2# - Best games? for you? or this is some kind of universal truth?! Believe you or not,there is a lot of people waiting for The Witcher 3,Arkham knight,Kingdom Hearts 3 and Destiny(games that are not coming for WiiU) as much as you probably waits ZeldaU.Been an exclusive or been a nintendo game doesn't make a game better than others.This is pure elitism.

3# - Xbox one is not selling that well but at least multiplatform sells great on that machine(it's not the same situation of WiiU).The OG Xbox sold a little more than gamecube but the attach rate was amazing.The reason why xbox one is selling bad is a combination of bad PR + strong competition.Plus,look at PS4! right now the third party games are making much more inpact on that console HW sales that any exclusive that nintendo released on WiiU.PS4 still won may NPD and probably will won june NPD again.


And this whole Nintendo vs the world thing has gotten old real fast. We wont spend the next 5-8 years on this nonsense will we?

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine