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sundin13 said:

Is that really true? Does Nintendo really just have to be polite and everything will fall into line? You say they need to establish developer relations...but how? The problem is that publishers have decided that they don't like making games for Nintendo consoles, typically for sales reasons (which are often unfounded (see Mass Effect 3, Rayman Legends etc).

We know it isn't all about power for reasons like the fact that the Wii U missed out on a lot of games despite being powerful enough (games that PS3/360 got). What can Nintendo do without somehow promising more sales?

I'm not going to get all conspiracy theorist in this post and talk about how there could be a viable market on Nintendo consoles if third parties took a more fair stance towards the Wii U, but I believe that is a valid line of thinking too...

Well, it's more than just being polite, of course, but communication is pretty important in business.

I always go back to the interview with guys from Bethesda and Gearbox.  They said they'd been in constant contact with Microsoft and Sony.  They were given updated information about the new consoles and were even asked for feedback.  Nintendo, on the other hand, was like, "okay, here it is, k thx bye."  The response from most western developers was a collective shrug.  

That's just not going to work.  It's not.  No competent business runs things like that.  

Would it necessarily change things?  Honestly, I don't know.  It is, however, a damned good place to start.  IF Nintendo wants third party support, which they were obviously aiming at with the Wii U, then you can't skip that and expect to do well.