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Hynad said:
Norris2k said:
RolStoppable said:
Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

That's utter bullshit. If you recall, Sony utterely self-destructed with the release of the PS3, even though it was following the same design philosophy as the PS1 and PS2. Sony could have easily self-destruct with PS4 as well, you're just being disingenous.

Hirai kept in mind that it's important to launch at $399, because price wasn't much of a consideration when it came to the PS3. Not exactly a genius move.

Turning the positions around, it means that the 360 beating the PS3 wasn't much of a challenge either. There's no reason to give Microsoft special credit. More specifically, Microsoft handled their advantage poorly. On the other hand, Nintendo pulled off success against all odds, because their console wasn't backed by the industry; meaning that Sony's self-destruction would have not automatically translated into bigger market share for them, unlike in Microsoft's case.

@joeorc: Bringing up smartphones, tablets and micro consoles isn't a counter-argument.

If it was just about "thinking about launch price", anybody could do it without any stress, they would give you the job. Work to have the best hardware for this price, exceed competition power, avoid PR mistakes, understand client needs (cheap is better than bundle an accessory), meet schedule to deliver millions of consoles worldwide, manage to produce them as late as you can to reduce stock costs, manage secret (price, hardware, bundle) enough to mistake competition, meet target for dev kits, produce a few 1st party, have 3rd party deals, be flexible enough to change hardware design and add memory, make infrastructures ready for launch, OS, etc. That's what he works on and make people work for. And he's very successful, and that's a very hard job.

Hum... Just to make sure. Hirai is CEO of Sony. Not president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

In fact he "is the President and CEO of Sony Corporation. He also serves as a member of the board of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.". So I assume he has quite a part in the success. I could be wrong on how much he has, and I will not pretend to be a specialist on CEO, president role, but I can bet it's more than keep "in mind that it's important to launch at $399".