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Anfebious said:

For everyone who doesn't know who is Kazuo hirari (AKA "Kaz"), he was the president of Sony Computer Entertainment in 2006 and paved his way to the President and Chief Officer role in 2012.

He is the President of the Sony Corp. and he is responsible for the current state of the company.  If you follow Sony's numbers then you would know that they aren't pretty at all. And it's all thanks to this man and his dumb decisions. We are being told to wait, that he is making changes to drive the company forward and other kind of lame lies. But in the end people want results and Kaz certainly isn't showing them. In his defense he did sell one building one of these year and they showed no loss in their reports, but what does this tell us for the company's future? Sony needs to keep on selling buildings to generate a profit? How many buildings do they have left?

I say that he should be fired and be replaced with younger blood. Sony can't keep on suffering like this.

And this is coming from a Sony fanboy.

Maybe you should apply for the job? Seeing as you seem to think you know better eh?