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mii-gamer said:
DerNebel said:

Am I a top manager that gets paid millions a year? Fact of the matter is that they need to do something big to turn that ship around and I don't see them doing any such thing. Getting some fresh new blood at the top would be a good start though.

You made a claim that they aren't doing anything to change the situation of the Wii U. Last time i checked pipelinging big titles, a better marketing effort, partnering with other companies and developing a fresh new ip from a younger team was doing something, it certainly sounds like they are making an effort. Sure, the wii u is not get a turn around, but you cannot serously accuse nintendo for not trying.

They always bring their big games and a new IP or two, so I don't count those as actually deriving from their classic formular. Marketing effort is something that might be true, but I really don't notice any of it (don't watch TV), though even that can be counted towards what they always do, they always marketed their big games well. And their partnerships with other companies are hardly worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things, games like Fatal Frame or Devil's Third are the definition of niche titles and even Bayonetta or Hyrule Warriors are not actually very big games.

Like I said, I'm not some bigshot manager so I hardly know all the answers for all of Nintendos Wii U troubles, but there are some things that need changing that obviously are not being tackled by the company.