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Hey there folks you may have seen me posting around on here, and you want to know who da f*** is GhetooBillGates. Without further adieu let me introduce myself I started gaming at the young age of 3 the first game software i played was Metal Gear on the MSX i was pretty much ahead of my time i occasionally also fixed tvs and computers in most cases also destroyed for science!!! and due to curiousity, hey you judgemental motherf**** i was a child we do crazy S***. I received my first gaming console when i was 7 years old, the Playstation 1 the first game i picked up for it was Iron & Blood basically a rip-off dungeons and dragons 3d fighter.  I ended up also picking Metal Gear Solid and Spyro, when i had asked my mother to purchase Crash Bandicoot, she bought MGS and Spyro for me instead i was a bit of mommas boy but she really understood me and my likes always met my expectations as a mother. Furthermore my background is Persian, i was born in Moscow, Russia in 1992 during the winter Privet Moya sem'ya to all the Russians on here and to the Iranians(Persians) on here dametan garm esmeh man Hamid hast chi all daren and to the few armenians in here deuce et daram. Back on Topic i currently own a WII U, PS4, PS3, PSVITA and 3DS aswell as a gaming laptop and a gaming rig. My favourite games off all time are, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, God Of War 3, Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, Medi Evil, Spyro Riptos Rage, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Half Life 1&2, Goldeneye, Zelda Wind Waker, Conkers Bad Fur day, TimeSplitters, Crash Bandicoot etc. 

My Professional Background/occupation is Character Modelling and Animating i am currently serving as freelance my stepping stone to get into the game industry and hopefully in a few years a job with Naughty Dog as a Animator or Character Artist. I am primarily a Maya guy for animating. I also use an extensive list of software, Zbrush 4r6P2, 3ds Max, Cinema4d, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Real Flow, Marvelous Designer 3, Mudbox(rarely use), Cry Engine and UDK getting Unreal Engine 4 this week. I have taken life drawing in the past which has strengthened my understanding of anatomy and better developed my modelling skills, during the development of 1 school project i  have served as a concept artist on a team but i realized after awhile its not my strongest suit, i am more of a technical artist who likes physcial art, sculpting/3d modelling. 

I am gonna end it here with my gamer tag/info no need for a 5 page essay. 

Steam: Albert Wesker 




XBox Live(recently made): GhetooBillGates


Love you all, Khoda Negahdar, do svidanya