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TL;DR: Love Wii U gamepad's universal TV remote, its Youtube and Netflix app. And of course, its games! 

Finding the Wii U and 3D World for 300$ in Best Buy's Smash Fest:

Just got a Wii U last Saturday at Best Buy during the Smash Fest, and I'm enjoying it so far! I heard the smash fest was giving out a 30$ coupon discount for the Wii U, so my brother and I decided to look for one. We decided to buy the Super Mario Bros U  and Luigi U deluxe set and order Mario Kart from Amazon for 48$. We were trying to find the Mario Kart 8 bundle but they were all sold out in not only Best Buy, but also in our nearby Target, and Gamestop!

One thing I did not expect was a 20% off Wii U games sale, so my bro and i bought 3D world along with our Mario and Luigi bundle! All together, 3D world and the Mario and Luigi Bundle cost 303 before tax$! Just waiting for my discounted Mario Kart 8 from Amazonso I can get Pikmin 3 as well  

Does the GamePad drool or rule?:

Meh. Its all right.

Universal TV remote is kinda cool and having a TV guide with show listings and a sports prediction feature was nice. Uploading Netflix quicker than my Smart TV is a nice bonus too. And YouTube and the internet browser works flawlessly. They are definitely fast and quicker to boot from Wii U than my gaming PC or laptop. And watching youtube videos on 1080P like a high resolution Zelda U trailer and other E3 games. I mean holy sh...

So yeah it's all right.

No seriously, it's amazing! If any of you have a Wii U and did not yet experience this year's E3 games on its YouTube app, DO IT NOW. Unless your pc monitor/laptop is already better than 1080P, of course. But seeing on your TV gives you a good idea on how it'll look, and from what I saw, it looked heavenly.

The games: New Super Mario Bros. U Impressions

One thing I disliked about Mario Bros. U is that it looked too similar to the Wii one in graphics and style. This is based on the trailers and commercials I watched and the store demos I played. So when I finally got to play it, let's just say...

Nintendo, you suck at marketing! This game looks very similar but you can tell the game looks like a HD Mario Bros. Wii, and that is not a bad thing when there are more creative designs going on. Admittedly, they didn't really impress me until World 2 and I only played the first level of that, but I'm pretty sure its going to look better. Or at least I hope so

Really glad regular wii motes work for it since I only have two and no motion plus. That reminds me... I haven't played Skyward Sword yet! Thank goodness for backwars compatibility! 

Super Mario 3D World Impressions:

My god is this game beautiful! Finally getting to play a HD 2.5D Mario game on my 60ish inch Samsung Smart TV and the visuals from the opening cut scene to the first act of Bowser's Purple Pimp car was delicious. The game even looks great on the non HD GamePad screen!

And I know I'm preaching the choir, but there is an incredible local multiplayer magic in most high quality Nintendo games and this is not an exception. Actually it may be, because this is the first multiplayer Mario game I played with my family where being a complete dick is rewarded with a shining crown. My family didn't even care our lives are grouped together and dependent on each our deaths. We were out for blood, crowns, green stars, power ups, and stamps. 

One thing I was worried about was the Captain Toad levels. I thought playing  a single player level during a multiplayer session would disrupt the flow and other people would be bored watching one person play. Turns out the levels were pretty difficult to solve and people were able to join in on the fun by offering help. 


As you can tell, my first impression was positive and I'm quite glad my brother and I bought it, and for a good price too! I'm really excited about Mario Kart 8 arriving this week, but the current library and the GamePad's intuitive design for its apps can we me hold over until then and possibly much, much longer. 

Thanks for reading! And if you read the whole thing, thank you again