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BeElite said:
On one side best for wiiu and impressive yet at same time extremely low for what is likely the biggest franchise and biggest release U is going to get. Call me crazy but this is the Halo Uncharted from Ninty for wiiu. If either of those hit such a number in such a time, impressive it would not be. All a matter of which perspective you roll with.

Uncharted =/= Halo in this sort of context. If Uncharted 4 launches at over 1 million then that will be a great result, considering Uncharted 3 is the only one to break 1 million at launch and that was with a comparatively huge PS3 install base.

Halo 3, Reach and 4 all launched north of 3.5 million, so a <1.5 million launch for Halo 5 would be a disaster for the franchise. And not forgetting that 360 install base for Halo 3 launch (the biggest selling of these 3 halo games) was only 12 million, so even with a relatively low Xb one install base expectations for Halo 5 should be pretty big. All the die hard Halo fans, of which there are millions, will be getting a Xb one even if almost no one else does.

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