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GribbleGrunger said:
DerNebel said:

We'll see in an hour. IMO the game has the potential to become a huge franchise this generation, it only needs to be handled right but Sony is stumbling a bit in that regard at the moment, they need to definitely to get their act together until february then the game can be, as you've said, another Uncharted.

A multiplayer component would definitely help further broaden the games' appeal though.

I'm with you on everthing but multiplayer. (let's not discuss that lol)

I'm hoping we hear from E3 that RAD are now a part of Sony because 'most' Sony studios use the Cerny method of games creation. He dictates that it's better to spend a few million on perfecting one area of a game,  than it is to create the whole game and find out it's just not fun. This is why studios like ND can have a sizeable area to play at events and a potential demo for the future. Something along the lines of the hotel sequence in TLOU would help people to get a feel for what this game will be. At the moment there are fools out there who are actually judging the WHOLE game on the tiny pieces of gameplay we have seen. Let's see the stealth, the foraging or more horror orientated sections that have the 'clicker' vibe but with werewolves. I have an idea in my minds eye what this game is going to offer and I'm pretty excited. I was spot on with TLOU.

Multiplayer is not necessary for the game to be a success but I don't think it'd hurt, but whatever let's not talk about this.

A great demo to show or even better yet for people to play at E3, would be a huge help for the games image, yes.

Sony should take a lesson from what they themselves (ironically) did during TLOUs marketing campaign and apply it to more of their games if they want them to be big anyway, with The Order they started with a great cinematic trailer, but have since then been kinda flip flopping around, weirdly chopped together gameplay footage in february I think, though the cinematic trailer from then was great as well, and now this 3 minute thing over twitch.

Just give us a great E3 demo, a cool Gamescom trailer, something at the end of the year maybe at VGX (if it doesn't turn out as bad as last year) and then start the TV and internet advertising at the beginning of january, give us a demo to download and finish it up with an epic launch trailer...oh, yeah and between all that don't forget to make the game great. :p

I hope they'll start doing something like that with todays previews.