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RubberWhistleHistle said:
kekrot said:
I have been playing Yoshis New Island the past few days myself, borrowed my brothers game, he bought it. It's definitely better than the ratings it has got. The graphics look horrible in still images but in motion it's beautiful. There's more than three songs too, at least 6-7 plus remixed versions. By remixed I mean very different. The main tune which is in many of the songs is good too, composed very nicely. Good use of 3D.

It's not all good though, the controls feel much heavier than the old ones for example. But overall it's a good game which deserves better scores in my opinion. It's also harder than I thought.

On world 4 so far.

world 4? wait until you get to 6, i really feel like it ties the entire experience together. that may sound dramatic, but i really felt like everything you have done in the game before that point has prepared you to take on that world. the game does a nice job challenging you in various ways throughout the game to prepare you for the onslaught that it world six and its secret level (i am of course speaking from the context of collecting everything in the levels).

also, i do recommend using the gyroscope. it makes the gameplay more, for lack of a better word, intense. i know people hate when motion gets involved with gaming, so if youre one of those, then youre more than likely not going to take to it. but if youre open minded with it, i think it could enhance the experience for you.

Wow, just turned on the gyroscope in options, it's perfect! You don't have to wait until the cursor gets back down when you're trying to hit an enemy which is moving. It has the perfect speed and sensitivity too.


I guess I'm somewhat open minded to motion controls then :) Didn't know there was such an option, thank you!!