tbone51 said:
DerNebel said:

Alot of people obviously do, why do you think that whole 1080p rumour spread so fast? You were also in that thread calling people salty for downplaying the graphics, but now you're here pulling the "who cares"-card and talking about how it should be about fun+gameplay only.

Its true, who cares, wat i seen watching trailers/gameplay/etc is wat i kno im going to play. You obviously didn't look at the reason why i was doing that lmao. Your pretty common here always trying to downplay anything nintendo, its not surprising.

I was defending against realism/cartoony games http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6282504.

With Kyledog, he always has something to say that makes everything look like a joke, hence the salty pics. Need to get your facts straight

Oh I'm always trying to downplay Nintendo, so that's the reputation I've build for myself, I'm honored. I didn't know that facing reality and pointing it out equals downplaying but great.

So tell me, what am I downplaying here? Did I ever say anything about the graphic fidelity of MK? Did I come in here and say that the game looks bad? Or that the game's going to be bad?

No, what I commented on is the hypocrisy of people saying that "nobody cares" and that we shouldn't discuss this, cause nobody said something like that when the game was still rumoured to be 1080p.