3DS had a Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 3DS XL bundle.

And guess what? Sony never had one for SAO. I think SCEJA honchos should learn a lesson or two from their Japanese nintendo counterparts on how to sell consoles using limited editions. 3DS has had limited editions for all big games, even smaller ones. Vita? Not even a freedom wars bundle planned.

On other note, funny how "insiders" claimed namco had 150k ltd as a sales target for SAO. lol. It had a bigger opening that the PSP one afaik, and on a much smaller install base. Good news for Vita. Unfortunately, this bundle thing shows Sony still hasnt learnt their lesson. Without Vita, they will be wiped out in Japan. I hoped Soul Sacrifice bundles showed them that bundles really increase sales, but it seems that lesson was forgotten. Its almost as if they are happy with what vita is selling and dont want more sales.