Dark_Feanor said:
ethomaz said:

If losing its biggest market is to be competitive then I don't know what is to be competitive... Xbone is just racing right now like some guys do just to participate in a race... like Wii U.

And I can bet with you Xbone won't outsell Wii U this year.

I bet with you. I´m tired of losing good oportunities like the 3 to 1 ratio, the 1mi week one in Japan, or the 3mi/500k gap this March.

The Xone will pass the Wii U no later than Octuber 2014.

Give us what you are willing to bet.

If I lost I will buy a Xbone for me and if you lost you will buy a PS4 for you.

That way you will see the difference between the two machines and stop the fud

2 million gap in a year... it will be fun to win.