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fps_d0minat0r said:

If they just said they expect XB1 to outsell PS4, fair enough, no point bringing it up. But when someone says something like "I fully expect TitanFall on Xbox One to completely crush the hopes and dreams of Sony fans ..." or "Everyone knows that the Xbox One is the better product it has kinect + the console" ... then they deserve to be shown their place.

Whats pathetic is people defending those who made the unnecessary comments in the first place... the people who are too embarrassed to come here themselves.

If you couldnt tell from my post in this thread already (before you entered) I agree with you 100%. I'm loving the complete reversal in attitude Gen over Gen from the different sides. Ps3 fans talked about upcoming games they were looking forward too and it automatically meant it would sell millions and single handidly boost ps3 sales past the Wii. When the game failed to "live up to expectations" (set by 360 fanboys based off of hype levels) then the game was considered a failure. Now, the biggest hyped game that I've seen in the last 10 years didn't live up to expectations but its considered great sales for what it is. When certain crazy Ps3 fans were called out (Leo-J and Crazyman) it meant every ps3 fan shared the same mentality they did and it was cool to generalize and mock the ps3 fanbase based off their posts. The ps3 chalk board was considered hilarious.