SvennoJ said:

Somewhat interested, though I've already got a stack of books ready for this summer (sf/fantasy). Currently reading the last volume of the wheel of time.

Does a kindle work well in direct sunlight? Is it water poof, fit in a pocket? I'm still sticking to paperbacks, although the quality of those keeps going down. 1 out of 5 fall apart before I'm through with them. (They survive being left out in the rain at least)

Price wise I'm not sure either, Memory of light was CAD 5.99, free delivery (with other items) Seems hard to beat and a lot of books to pay for a Kindle. Plus Amazon only gives me pricing not available when I look up books in the Kindle store :/

Edit: Oh it means "This item is not available for your country" (Canada) Sticking to paperbacks then. None of the books I bought have a kindle edition in Canada, wtf. Plus Memory of light on US kindle store is $7.14 Go digital! not.

What the hell?  Kindle books arent working in canada?  That is so weird to me, anything available in US should be available there.  All well.  Kindle is cool to have, especially if you are sharing the kindle acount (and the cost) with other people.  If it is only for you though it is hard to justify as for some reason the price is either more or the same as paperback books.  

Out of curiosity, have you read the stormlight archive books or are they on your list?