So, I was wondering how many people on vgchartz read books and like discussing them.  I know me and Kantor do, but when we make threads to discuss them they often just come down to me and Kantor talking to each other because nobody else on the forum has read the books we are discussing.  

So that got me thinking, what if we had a sort of book club, where we could take a month and read a book and then discuss it at length in a thread.  The material would be fresh for everybody and I think it could be fun to see how other people interpreted events and such.  

I know me and Kantor enjoy the fantasy genre a lot and I think that genre fits this forum pretty well.  So we could start off with some fantasy series, but I'm certainly not opposed to other genre's if that is what everybody wants to do.  I read just about everything.  

Anyway, so this thread is just so I can gauge if there is actually enough interest to do something like this.  I'm guessing we would probably want at the very least about 7 to 10 very interested people to make it work right.  If you are only slightly interested in doing it, that is great too.  Put a comment down and give your opinion on what you think!