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starcraft said:
maximus22 said:

I'm becoming one. I used to run 1 or 2 miles at a time but only to stay in shape and I absolutely hated it. Then last year I trained for a tough mudder (12 miles/19km) and once I got over the feeling that I was going to die I actually started to enjoy running. I'm doing several different races this year just so I have something on the horizon to train for.

How did you find the Tough Mudder?

I did one about 18 months ago, pretty intense stuff!

I have a buddy that's big into adventure races and he told me about it years ago.  At the time it sounded impossible but it stayed in my mind as something I'd like to be able to do.  It took a lot to get ready for it but it was a lot of fun and very challenging; a big accomplishment for me.  And it also made me want to do more.