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Forums - Sports Discussion - Are there any runners on VGChartz?


Are you a runner?

Yes - a very keen one 15 32.61%
Sort of 17 36.96%
No 7 15.22%
Running is not a sport 7 15.22%

I am curious!

I just ran my second half marathon this weekend gone.  Ran it in about 103 minutes.  My first half marathon was last year and I ran just over 96 minutes, but that was a much easier course!

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I used to run. 40 to 60 laps at a local school ground 2 to 3 times a week. I lost so much weight, it was insane. I don't anymore cause crime has gotten out of control in my area. Ive gained so much weight, it is insane.

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I ran from my front door to my car in the rain once

I ran Cross Country and Track in high school.

Longest consecutive distance was 14 miles, fastest mile time was 4:55, and I even went to State with my team Sophomore year for XC.

Now I'm super lazy, but my increasing resting heart rate is concerning me and I'm seriously considering getting back into running or trying swimming.

I run but only because I have to, to stay in shape. I would get fat if I did not run a min of 3-4 times a week.

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bigjon said:
I run but only because I have to, to stay in shape. I would get fat if I did not run a min of 3-4 times a week.

Keep it up bro, wouldn't wanna see you change username to biggerjon

I get winded when I switch game discs, so no...

The most I can do is 2 laps around a running course before taking a break. I'm sure if I practice more I can do up to 3 laps none stop.

I am kind of on the fence. Now and then i enter the gym and do a bit of running and cycling but that's it. Hope the motivation will arise come spring.

Just getting back into it mostly because I need cardio. I lift a lot of weights so I look like I'm in fantastic shape but I'm not. A few weeks ago I did a quarter of a mile and died. I can do a mile now without dying so I'm good for now. Much respect from me to anybody that can run any sort of distance.

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