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So, I've got a fairly easy question for you guys today. Everyone has their favourite games whether it'd be Gran Turismo, Zelda, Halo, Mario or whatever else there is left. (there are too many genres)

Now I want to know if there is game which you can always return to. (Yes I am talking to YOU directly.) A game that is intruiging on the gameplay, story, graphics or combat system aspect, so that you would be able to say 'This game is soooo great, I feel like I could beat it every two or three months!'

Personally I can always return to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Metal Gear Solid 1. These games are so fascinating, that even after playing them for so many times they don't get boring and I would be able to play them almost on a monthly basis.

So... what's your 'I could play it every so and so often...' game? (if you have one) Let me know!


                                                                    Lyrics: He He He He Ha Ha Ha!