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fatslob-:O said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

Who do you see coming out with the most new IP's and having them hit GOTY status? How many ip's have been created under them or in tandem with other companies that have surprised people? Dude...I understand that you like what you like, but if Sony were ever to leave gaming it would be felt hard. There would be a HUGE void in creativity. 

@Bold That's arguable ... I could easily give this to EA who has bioware which make new top tier IPs like mass effect or this could also easily go to guys like take two interactive who have guys that created red dead redemption.

I could care less about Nintendo right now if that's your thinking but Sony's new IP's aren't any better than the other publishers.

EA is responsible for the waterin down of EA's IP's. The are probably the main reason The older republic turned into an MMO instead of the classic single player style. Mass Effect got gradually less RPG-like once EA got ahold of Bioware. EA just bought Bioware to milk their IP's. If it sells milk it. They have zero creativity. If it isn't straight forward forget about it. 

Rockstar created Red Dead Redemption, not Take Two. Those guys were just the distributors. 

There is a difference between a creative entity and a company that just acts as a publisher. Sony and Nintendo are self publishers, but they are also creative entities. Microsoft and EA are in the same boat. Think about it based on the process of how their games are made.

As for what I think, seriously, stop worrying about it. Its about what is. Without Nintendo or Sony Microsoft would probably lose all the passion in the world and move on. They need creative entities who depend on the industry to compete with them. This is Microsoft at their best, when they are stepping on someone elses toes. If they aren't they kind of slump over and enjoy the fruits of success but little inspiration. EA is the same way as Microsoft, for instance with the NFL Microsoft has paid to be the official brand of the NFL and EA paid the NFL to be the only licensed brand to make their videogames. Why might you ask? They like competition, but not to the point where their competition of lesser means out creates them and out thinks them. They'll pay to snuff them out so the world cannot experience their product and thus lessens the vitality of said genre. 2k Sports would've made Madden a dead entity and they did what they had to survive and yes they could pay for days over 2k's head if they liked, but in this industry money > creativity. This is why the indies are such a big thing now, bring back they hey-day of gaming when it was simple and fun. Guess who had the most problems with them at the start of the gen because of their hang ups?